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  • What Am I?
    Hi beauties!

    I picked up this little cutie at a second-hand store this morning and I'll be honest, I know nothing about it 💁‍♀️🤷‍♀️ but she's cute so i had tp have her!

    Can anyone tell me what kind of plant it is, and maybe a few tips on how to care for it?

    Thank you, thank you!
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      Maranda [286271,Paris Lalicata] [278958,Pei] you two are a god send! Thank you so much 💖🌿
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      Pei OMG they are so cuteeee! And I agree with Paris, it's an assorted succulents. The general rule of thumbs with succulents are lots of light (direct if possible) and water only if you see wrinkled leaves.
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      Paris Lalicata It actually looks like you may have an assortment of succulents in this container! The one in the middle appears to be a species of Sempervivum. The ones trailing off the sides look like it may be a species of Kalanchoe succulent as it matures and if it produces offsets on the edges of the leaves. And if I'm not mistaken it looks like there is another different looking succulent behind the Sempervivum which may be a Jade? Would need a closer look to be sure! Care for all of them however is the same- bright indirect light to full sun and only water once the soil has dried out completely!
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  • Misting
    Hey y'all! What are the benefits of misting plants? Do you just spray the leaves or the soil, too? I've heard of and seen it done, but I am not sure exactly how it works.
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      Paris Lalicata Misting is usually more beneficial for humidity loving plants like Ferns and epiphytes like air plants. While it can be safe to mist your other plants it's best to know first if you have the right environmental conditions for the droplets to evaporate. If not- those water droplets can soak into the foliage and create lesions, or even allow room for bacterial/fungal infections to develop. However, as long as you have good air circulation or temperatures there should be no reason for concern! Also, since misting only boosts localized humidity around the plant for lets say 20mins this would require some serious daily misting if your plant is humidity sensitive. Therefor it's usually best to boost humidity by either using a humidifier, placing planters on wet pebble trays, or placing them in a bathroom that receives daily humidity from showers as long as there's a window :)
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  • Peace Lily
    I picked up this beauty about a month ago, and for the last two weeks maybe, the flowers have been getting brown spots like this. I've also noticed some browning on the tips of the leaves near the bottom of the plant. I try to water once a week and it it gets indirect sunlight through my blinds and front door for about 3-8 hours a day.
    I just need tips on keeping this beauty healthy and thriving. Thank you 😊
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      Paris Lalicata Hi [306631,Maranda] ! I agree with Pei the plant looks super happy and healthy despite the one bloom becoming spent (which is perfectly natural). The blooms can last anywhere from 1-2 months before beginning to die back, and since the rest of the plant is still producing blooms and looks perky I'd say she's all good to go :)
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      Maranda That helped a lot! Thank you so much 💞💞

      I havent ran the ac or heat since I got the plant, but I'll keep that in mind for when I do! 😊
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      Pei Hey [306631,Maranda] do you have photos of the whole plant? It's a bit difficult to tell the health of the plant now.
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