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  • Sad African Violet
    My African Violet looks sad and droopy- I water once a week. Thoughts?
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      Connie Hi Karly, I suggest using a special African violet plant food and a self watering African violet pot. The special pots are so easy, because they only water the plant when it needs it from the bottom, so you don't get leaf spots. African violets like to be root bound. If the new pot looks smaller than this one, don't worry. I keep my African violets in a South facing window and they love it.
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Karly! Depending on the light levels (and temperatures) provided to the plant it may need to be watered more than once a week. Especially since it's in a porous container. I'd recommend aerating the soil in case it has become compact. Give the plant a watering, and give the leaves time to perk back up! Water is what gives plants their turgidity, and when they don't have enough they begin to wilt. Same can happen with overwatering, however, usually moist soil and yellowing leaves accompany this. Hope this helps!
  • Exploding Piles
    So I have this pilea and while there’s new growth in the middle, I find that the outside shoots end up drooping and dying and I have to remove them. Is this normal? Any tips? I water 1x week
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Karly! It sounds like the Pilea isn't receiving enough light since it's developing new growth but dropping older leaves. This usually means the plant is only creating enough energy for a certain amount of leaves. Therefor, I would recommend increasing the plants exposure to light and you should start to see a huge difference! With increased light however, you may need to increase your frequency of waterings. As soon as the soil dries out completely it'll be ready for another watering!
  • Droopy Pothos
    Hi all, 
    bought this Pothos at the Sill a few months ago. It used to stand erect and a couple weeks ago I came home from a short vacation where I watered it before I left but not on it’s normal day, and I came back and it was droopy like this. I water once a week with a little bit of plant food. I know my Pothos will eventually grow into a vine so not sure if it’s growing downward or im doing something wrong. Advice appreciated!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Karly! So wilting is usually an indication of moisture stress, either over or under watering. Considering there aren't any yellowed leaves I'd say the plant is under watered, so I'd go ahead and give it a drink and allow excess to drain out. You'll want to give the plant a few days to perk back up depending on how long they have been drooping. Once the soil dries out completely, or when the plant begins to droop again it'll be time for another watering!
  • What kind of cactus is this?
    Hi all- I inherited this cactus from my grandmother. It is 26 years old and as tall as me. Any ideas what kind it is? 
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      Pei Idk what this is, but would love me one :P
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      Paris Lalicata Hi [307330,Karly] ! This looks like a type of Hylocereus cactus to me- have you ever seen it produce white blooms? Or even fruit?