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  • Sick plant!
    Hi, ive noticed some small dots appearing on my plant ( I dont know ID) does anyone know whats causing this and how it can be treated?
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      Pei [307869,Rachael] Confirmed it with my plant friend. It's a Variegated Aralia Balfour. I have never seen one that tiny. you have a special one :)
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      Pei [307869,Rachael] OMG it's a baby variegated Aralia I think! Please tell me where did you buy it!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Rachael! What kind of light is the plant receiving? How often do you water? It looks like it can be a moisture related stress symptom, or a result of the plant exposed to too much direct sunlight. I would recommend either pulling the plant away from the window a bit, or moving it into an area that receives more indirect bright light. Or I would monitor your waterings more frequently! However, if you don't see any improvement after this and the spots begin to spread then there's a chance a fungal/bacterial disease may have developed and any standard fungicide can be used to treat the plant!
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  • HELP!
    Does anyone know what this plant is? (I thought maybe a Aucuba japonica) Everything I do for it isnt working; it started off in indirect sunlight where I first noticed the decline then even further from sunlight, then closer to a window,shade and nothing is working! Soil is still moist after watering it yesterday but the leaves remain brittle, droopy and dry. What can I do it was gorgeous when I was gifted it a month ago
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Rachel! So it looks like you actually might have a Codiaeum variegatum "Gold Dust". Over my own experience of caring for these guys I've learned that they prefer bright indirect light to a little dappled sun, too much or too little can result in leaf loss. Especially if the plant is being moved constantly to different areas as they can be a little more finicky. I would recommend finding a good spot that can provide this lighting and monitoring the plants response. Once the top 2-3 inches of soil have dried out the plant will be ready for another watering! Don't let the soil to dry out too much or all the way as this can also result in leaf loss, and the plant will also start to droop when it's ready for more water. Also, don't be alarmed if you notice a lot of leaf loss or if even the entire plant drops all its leaves. It'll simply be apart of the acclimation process as the plant drops its more sun grown leaves to develop more shade tolerant ones. As long as the trunk of the plant is healthy it should be good to go- and you can always check by scrapping some bark off with your finger nail. If it's still fleshy and green beneath then the plant is still alive and will develop new growth overtime! But if you notice it's actually hollowed out (like a dead branch you find in the woods) then the plant declined and won't be able to bounce back. I hope this helps! :)
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