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  • Calathea Medallion Help
    Have had my prayer plant for about 6 months and in the past 3 weeks, she hs really struggled. Haven't changed water or sunlight significantly, did move to a different state though. Her outside leaves have turned brown and crinkly and she has already lost about 3-4of the smaller outside leaves. Any suggestions?
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Kelsey! It looks like the plant is declining either due to moisture related stress or not enough light. I'd ensure the plant is exposed to plenty of bright indirect light, but no direct sun. Allow about half the soil to dry out between waterings, and localizing humidity around the plant will be beneficial if the air in the home is dry. Damaged leaf edges can be pruned back to enhance appearance!
  • Sad Birds Nest Fern
    I received this birds nest fern about 4 months ago and its been doing great. About two weeks ago though i brought it outside with all my other plants while i was cleaning and spraying inside my house. When i brought it back inside, it was very wilted. I kept it inside and watered a little extra and it seemed to come back to life. However now it seems that some of the leafs got sunburnt and are crispy and brown in certain spots. There are also some leaves that have turned yellow. Any recommendations to revive her once again??
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      Paris Lalicata Hello Kelsey! There's a good chance the plant was most likely exposed to direct sunlight when it was placed outdoors which its not suited for. This is why the leaves started to crisp and you noticed the browning spots! Did you also check the soil before watering the plant? If the soil was already moist this could've been the cause of the yellowing leaves; or if the plant was simply shocked from the direct sun + being moved around. Moving forward, I would remove any yellow leaves since these will most likely decline overtime anyways. The scorched leaves however, may be able to pull through therefor you can either allow them to naturally take their course or remove them to enhance the appearance. I would only give the Fern bright indirect light, and allow the top 2-3 inches to half the soil to dry out between waterings. Afterwards your BNF should bounce back in no time :)
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