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    I receveid this plant as present. I don’t know which species is and I’m trying to do my best with the few informazione I got (loves light, not so much water) but now I need some help. Does somebody know how to take care of her?? 
    I live in an apartment: during the day i’m not at home so there’s no so much light inside!
    thank you! 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi [308287,Littlewillbe] ! It looks like what you have here is a Polyscias scutellaria, also known as "shield aralia". Like all plants, this gal will need plenty of bright indirect light, especially due to her size and how many leaves she'll need to create energy to accommodate for. After the top 2-3 inches to half the soil has dried out the she'll be ready for another drink. Do you have any windows in your apartment? Or can you only provide artificial lighting?