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  • Plant ID?
    Got this plant awhile ago and I’ve never been able to find out what type it is. “Green plant” was the tag on it lol. Any ideas anyone? 
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      Nate Yep, that is definitely a green plant! ;)
      This has me stumped...did you figure out an ID?
  • Peperioma help pls!
    So my plant has some yellowed leaves on it and I am wondering how to help it. It was repotted in May to a 7” h by 7” w pot. Could the yellow leaves be from root shock when I repotted? Should I prune off the yellowed leaves? Has it grown too big for its current size pot? Very new to all this. 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Lindsay! I just have a few questions- Are the leaves that yellow die back overtime, or have they been hanging around? Is the plant exposed to bright indirect light and watered when the soil dries out completely?