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  • Pothos Jade Watering
    I'm going out of town for two weeks. I usually water my Pothos Jade about every week as suggested by The Sill ( Will my plant have lasting negative effects if I don't have a friend come water my plant?
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      Paris Lalicata I agree with Erin- pulling your plants back from the light source will help them not take up water as frequently! For more moisture loving plants you can even create a simply DIY self water system with just a wick and a container of water :)
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      Erin Hey Jesse! How much light does it receive? In the summer, my pothos definitely likes to be watered every 10 days or so, but if I'm going to be gone for an extended period of time I usually give it a good soaking beforehand then move it to a spot where it receives a little lower light (but still natural light - just not a ton, which will dry out the potting mix quicker). It can be pretty thirsty when I come home - drooping etc - but usually perks back up after a watering and a couple days.