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  • Plant ID and Help!
    No idea what this plant is, but since moving a few months ago, he’s gotten these weird purple-y brown edges, growing weird, and losing a lot of leaves. Can anyone ID and tell me what he needs? I only water when he’s dried out. He’s in a bright window so it might just be too much sun?
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      Paris Lalicata Pei is right this is a beautiful succulent! So as much bright indirect light to full sun will make this plant super happy, and allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. The purply edges is natural characteristic the succulent will display so I wouldn't be concerned about those! If you allow the soil to dry out between waterings the yellowing could be a sign of either not enough light, or just the plant acclimating into it's new environment. During that process its perfectly natural for plants to shed leaves!
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      Pei It's a Kalencho succulent :) I have one and I love it.

      Succulents, in general, need plenty of sunlight (direct if possible). And yes, you are doing it right – only water when it's completely dry out. I also pay attention to the leaves, it will wrinkle when it's thirsty. Quite fun :)
  • Fading Snake Plant :(
    I’ve had this snake plant for just over a month or two probably and he’s slowly lost color and hasn’t grown a smidge. He lives in a bright window and I only water him when he’s completely dried out. Recently repotted, so hopefully that will help with the growth but not sure what’s up with the color!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Naomi! It looks like you have a Sansevieria moonlight which is going to naturally have a paler hue to the foliage. Considering these are slower growers it'll probably take a while before you notice new growth developing. However, a good way to promote new growth is to give the plant as much bright indirect light as possible and watering as soon as the soil dries out completely! Other than that the plant still looks super healthy and happy to me!
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      Pei Snake plant is a natural slow grower. If you want to encourage it, you can give a tad of fertilizer during the active growing season. However, I wouldn't worry about it too much :)

      What color was it before? Did it turn paler or darker?