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  • Tall and short stemmed pilea
    Hi, all!

    I got this dear pilea from the Sill last November and it has been happy... or so I think. It's been growing taller and the stems are shorter and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong? It sits in a room with a West-facing window but it's not directly on the windowsill or anything. I'd really appreciate any and all advice you can give!

    P.S. In the photo, it is near a window because I wanted to get good lighting for the picture.

    Many thanks!!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi [309189,Nhu B.] - your Pilea is looking super healthy and happy! It's perfectly natural for the older foliages' stems to be longer and "hang loose" a little, while the new growth is a littler shorter. Overtime as those stems grow and mature they'll mimic the same appearance. As long as you give the plant plenty of bright indirect light, and allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings the plant should be good to go!