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  • Help! Large growing monstera
    hello all, When I bought this plant more than a year ago it wasn't that big and I could easily handle it indoors. Since it's huge now and leaves are touch the ground, I tried to tie them with some natural fiber twine as u can see in photo. Is this enough to support the plant. Also now since fall is coming I have to move this indoors and don't have enough room for this huge plant in living room. I would hate to loose this plant. Bcoz I love it so much! Either Should I make two plant out of this and how? Any suggestion from
    experts, thanks 🙏 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Asma! I would recommend either purchasing an already made moss pole or making your own. Considering Monstera are epiphytic in the wild this will help encourage the plant to grow faster, larger, and help to support the stems overtime. Once you have a moss pole you'll want to insert it into the soil where you want to support the Monstera (and you can use as many poles as you feel necessary). From there you can use fishing line to gently tie the stalks and aerial roots of the plant to the moss pole for support. I'd also recommend misting the moss pole daily has this will encourage the aerial roots to attach and vertical growth of the plant! After this I would imagine the fullness of the specimen to diminish and it may be easier to place the plant indoors now as it grows vertically. Make sure to give it plenty of bright indirect light- it can tolerate a few hours of direct morning sun, and the soil should be allowed to dry out completely!