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  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Troubleshooting
    My fiddle Leaf fig has been struggling for a bit. It's leggy with not a whole lot of new growth... The smaller lower leaves it did have, I plucked off because they were covered in brown spots and I was worried it was a fungal infection. ... I have already checked for root rot and am in the clear. But just in case, I let the soil dry out really well before watering again this morning. The leaves started to look green again, but tonight when I came home, I found NEW big brown spots on the leaves. What could this be?
  • Arrowhead plant trouble
    The leaves on my plant has started to develop little brown cracks and holes along the top edges and center veins of the leaf . Is this not enough humidity? A pest? Or a fungal infection??
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Erin! The spots on the foliage appears to be water soaked lesions. This happens when water droplets land on the foliage and don't have the right conditions in order to evaporate, therefor they soak right into the leaf killing the plant tissue. Although these will remain as scars now, they shouldn't cause the rest of the leaf to decline in any way. To avoid this simply try keeping the leaves dry and avoid splashing water onto the leaves!
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      Erin Hidy Leaf
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      Erin Hidy Another leaf
  • Rubber tree help
    Hi! I've had my rubber tree for a couple months now. The leaves have brown spots, and silvery splotches on them. I recently repotted it and it seemed to be doing well, and slot growing, the the molten leaves are still present.
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      Paris Lalicata I agree with Pei! It looks like it could spider mite damage if you notice any microscopic spiders or fine webbing on the leaves or stems. If not however, it looks like it could be a fungal/bacterial infection if the plant was in too moist/humid conditions without proper air circulation or light!
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      Pei [309832,Erin Hidy] it looks like it has spider mite infestations. Do Do you see any fine webbings on the back of the leaves?
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      Erin Hidy Brown spot
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