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  • Crying Croton!
    This is a picture of my friend’s Croton plant. It is sitting by a window and being water every 1.5-2 weeks! The leaves are falling off. Even the ones that look healthy just fall off. For the past week, the leaves have been falling off daily. Please save this plant! Thanks<br><br>
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      Shanet Thanks so much Paris!!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Shanet! Considering it sounds like you are keeping up with watering the Croton is most likely dropping leaves due to not receiving enough light. These guys LOVE lots of bright indirect light to full sun. The new growth coming in green rather than pigmented is also a sign of too low of light. Therefor I'd recommend increasing the light by moving it closer into a window, or incorporating artificial light!
  • Majesty Palm Tree not so majestic
    My friend is looking for advice concerning his Majesty Palm Tree pictured here. It sits by the window and receives medium sun. However, on many winter days it receives minimal sun. It gets water usually once or twice a week. The tips seem to be browning and some stalks are already dead. Any idea why? And what to do? Help! 
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      Michael I have two of these there pretty interesting i notice once i moved them around to different areas they start doing well
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      Paris Lalicata It sounds like the plant is receiving too much water and not enough light! I would recommend removing the dead plant material to monitor its health. I'd increase the plants exposure to bright indirect light, and only water once the soil dries out!
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      Nate I'm not great with these and have the same issue. I would say some of the issue is lack of humidity.
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  • Pathos Help
    I recently bought a Pathos at a Home Depot. I used a water meter before I watered it. I only watered it when it was almost dry. I don’t think it’s being overwatered but still the leaves are turning brown. Help :(
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Shanet! Could be just the plant acclimating into the new home so leaf loss is common. Otherwise it could've been from too much moisture if you didn't allow the soil to dry out between waterings! You can prune off those leaves, ensure the plant is getting plenty of light, and water when the soil dries out!
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      Nate These are pretty hardy and I think this is normal from time to time. You can trim them off and continue doing what you're doing!
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  • Rubber Plant Help!
    I've had this rubber plant for about 3 weeks now. I've watered it twice
    since I got it. It sits near the window sill and gets sunlight. This is
    the third leaf that has turned yellow with brown spots. The roots are
    not coming out of the pot yet. Help me!<br>
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Shanet! It's perfectly natural for plants to shed older leaves as they are acclimating into their new environment. Yellowing leaves can also be an indication that the plant is receiving too much water or not enough light! Therefor, I'd make sure the plant is exposed to as much bright indirect light as possible and allow the soil to dry out completely. It'll also be best to transfer the plant into a container that is 1-2 inches larger to ensure the plant has plenty of room to keep growing!