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  • Droopy Monstera
    Hi all! I’ve got a beautiful Monstera that has gotten droopy and spread. I am not sure if the dropping is from the heaviness of the big leaves and the weakness of the new baby leaves (it is still producing leaves). IIgts in a pot with good drainage, I give it a good soak ones a week. Its up against a South facing windows. I livd in AZ so lots of sun. The heat is dry. I just recently put a support in the middle. Does it look healthy and strong to everyone or does it look like it needs something? I just love this guy and don’t want it to get away from me.  Thanks!
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      Carli Krueger Disaster has struck. I don’t he will make it but any ideas what went wrong so I don’t do it again?
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      Carli Krueger Thank you for all your care and advice ladies. Here where were at: I’ve watered a bit more and given a bit more sun access on some days.

      I just removed rocks this morning as much as I could without disturbing too much. I think he’s pretty stressed.

      Can’t tell if we’re looking at overwatering + sunburns now or something worse.
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Carli! I agree with Chelsea, allowing your Monstera to vertically grow up a moss pole will certainly optimize its growth. Also, when leaves droop and cusp in it's also a sign of under watering, therefor it'll be good to make sure you water the plant as soon as the soil dries out! Afterwards, it should perk back up within a few days!
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