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  • Fiddle Leaf Fig with Brown Spots
    I got this fiddle leaf fig from a local plant shop about a month ago, and it's been pretty happy living on my southeast facing windowsill. I water it about once a week. I noticed recently that some of its leaves have brown spots in various places, and I am worried that it has an infection. I don't think it's a fungal infection, based on the lighter color of the brown spots, and the fact that I don't think I'm overwatering it (it's pot has drainage). I am worried that it has a bacterial infection, based on what I've read online, but I am not sure and I don't know how to treat it if it does have it! Can anyone help?

    I will post more pictures in the comments.

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      Paris Lalicata Hi Julianne! Rather then sticking to a calendar schedule, do you check the soil before you water the plant? Considering day light hours are decreasing, the angle of the sun isn't as intense, and plants will be taking up water more slowly. Therefor, your plant may be displaying overwatering symptoms if you're not checking the soil before watering the plant. Therefor I would check the soil, if it has dried out completely it'll be safe to water. Any damaged plant material can be removed to enhance the appearance. I would remove the top growth tip by cutting an inch above the closest, healthy node (where leaf attaches to stem). So that overtime as the plant bounces back new growth will start to develop at the top again!
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      Greg This happened to mine as well (except just browning with no leaves falling off). I moved it further away from the window and it seemed to do better without the direct sun.
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      Julianne One of its fallen leaves :(
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