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  • Philodendron silver help
    order and potted this plant with a green philodendron. It came a little brown around the leaf edges and some of the cuttings were a bit shallow and had little roots but I figured that with a little time and adjusting from the shipping box and into the pot it would be adjust. After a few weeks it wasn’t dying more or reviving but I was watering once a week and then today I noticed a bright yellow fungus- looked it up and it’s dog slime mold? Anyone dealt with this? Or know why this happened? 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Nashley! The yellow mushrooms on the soil looks like it could be Leucocoprinus birnbaumii. These are very commonly found growing in house plant soil and usually appears if the spores were to become present and given the right conditions. This is a perfectly natural occurrence when bringing the outdoors in, and even the natural mycorrhizal fungi that lives in the soil already can produce these mushrooms (mushrooms are referred to as the "Fruit of Fungi") if given optimal conditions in which to thrive.The only purpose the fungus serves is to break down dead organic matter in the soil and doesn't actually harm the plant! However, if the fungus is ingested by people or pets it can potentially be toxic. Moving forward, I'd recommend replenishing the plant with fresh sterile soil to prevent this from further developing and regenerating. You'll want to make sure you discard the plant soil, and sterilized any tools/your hands/container to rid of any spores that may have infected these items.
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      Nashley This is what the mold looks like
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      Nashley This is what I’m seeing