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    Not even sure what cactus this is. I somehow wasn't interested in it's classification when I got for Christmas at age seven. It's had what looks like a rotting trunk for as long as I can remember. We thought it was dead, but gave it the benefit of the doubt and moved it to a larger pot and it grew. Sometimes it seems to glow brighter and appears to be thriving well. Everything but the trunk, and you can see that I've used a make shift cane to support it. Otherwise it falls over under it top heavy weight. Can any anyone explain what's going on with my cactus and if there is anything I can do? <br><br>thanks! 
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      Russell Thanks two both insights! It has a couple of flowerings that could be propagated if I do enough research. Worse case it's too sentimental to not prop it up with chop sticks, random bark, or possibly strings somehow. I have a micro garden going in my food pantry. Most of the stuff there likes humidity, I might move one my grow lights to my dryer cactus dwelling bedroom if that helps. My mother and I were never much for botanist, so the poor cactus growth for this one is logical. I'll see what some extra carefully time watering can do. Thanks again!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Russel! It looks like if there was ever an inconsistency with watering or lighting this could've caused the base to remain small. Since Cacti grow from the top and grow larger in diameter this is why you've seen the top get larger, but the base remain smaller. I would say if you give this Cactus optimal conditions- bright indirect light to full sun and water every time the soil dries out completely it should start to become a sturdier specimen. I would recommend keeping the support it has for now to prevent it from falling over. In the future if nothing changes and you're still unhappy with the look then I would recommend propagating the Cactus like Erin said by removing the top, letting is callous over, and then rerooting it! Cacti are really easy and fast to propagate :)
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      Erin This is a tough one! I've had this happen to a few of my cacti that received less light at the start, so their bases are super small, and they summer came or I moved them around my apartment - they received more direct light - and their new growth was much wider and healthier. With most of them I ended up chopping off that new top growth, propagating it, and tossing the base; but with the shape of this guy that would be hard to do. Do you mind the quirkiness? If you don't - I use chopsticks to prop mine up! You barely notice them.