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  • Anthurium, alocasia, or something else?
    I got this cutting recently from my boyfriend’s grandmother.  I have not been able to find any comparable pic online.  Kinda looks like an anthurium.  Kinda looks like an alocasia.  And is this variegation?  
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Sarah! Looks like you have an Arrowhead cutting (Syngonium podophyllum) !
  • Majesty Palm is fading fast!
    I’ve had this majesty palm for a little over a year.  I was surprised at how it thrived in my office—which, despite having two large windows, didn’t get a ton of bright light.  When winter came (Virginia) I had to move some plants from my balcony in my apartment.  Because of my cats, the weeping fig went in my office and the Palm came home.  I get great light here and it did fine for about a month and then outer fronds began yellowing, curling, and dying.  I slowed watering, misted the fronds more, but it kept happening.  I repotted it with new soil and fertilizer particularly for palms, but two more fronds still were lost.  Any ideas?? With proper nutrients, soil, light, and the right amount of watering...I am at a loss.  Maybe I haven’t waited long enough for the fertilizer to do its work?  It’s been two weeks.
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Sarah! Yellowing leaves is usually an indication that a plant has been overwatered. However, if the plant hasn't had fresh, nutrient rich soil in a year then the symptoms could've been a result of a nutrient deficiency. Especially if the symptoms are present only on the older leaves of the plant and haven't actually declined, most likely due to a Nitrogen deficiency. Therefor, although you gave the plant fresh soil and fertilizer after the symptoms occur unfortunately the growth that has already turned pale won't be able to bounce back to a greener hue!