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  • Brown tips
    I don't know what is the name of the plant but watering and place of the plant did't change. Is shows browning on a tips of the leafs. What can be a cause?
  • ZZ plant next to heater getting yellow
    My ZZ plant right next to heater turning yellow from bottom. Can the heat be a problem?
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      Paris Lalicata If the draft from the heater is directly hitting the foliage then this could be causing the yellowing/bronze leaves, especially if you allow the soil to dry out between waterings! Therefor, I would recommend pulling it back from the heater a few feet and pruning off the yellowed leaves to enhance the appearance!
  • What is the name of the plant and how to care?
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      Cara You have a spider plant here! This looks like the "zebra grass" variegation. It's a super strong and resilient plant. Will thrive with lots of light but will also do fine in partial lighting. Water regularly and especially if the leaves start to droop or look pale in color.
      These plants are sometimes called "malea madre" which means bad momma in spanish because it "throws away" it's babies (the smaller plants coming off the main plant). You can prune those and stick them in water and they will start growing roots in a matter of days! You can propagate them very easily and put them in a pot of their own once the roots seem long and strong enough. And repeat! I have a huge one that is constantly putting out new buds so I always have a few propagating and I like to give them as gifts!
  • Avocado interveinal chlorosis
    I have avocado tree. It has interveinal chlorosis. It looks like it has iron deficiency. Lower leafs are more dark green than upper leafs. Most leafs have necrosis on tips. New growth is dying right at start.
    I keep it on south facing window and water every time soil gets dry.
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Zakhar! It certainly appears your plant has a nutrient deficiency - I would recommend replenishing the plant with fresh soil if you haven't done so in awhile, or giving the plant fertilizer on a weekly basis when you water the plant!
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