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    My spider plant has been living in my bathroom for months. Last night my 5yr old was cold after her bath and i didnt realize she cranked the heat ALL the way up in there so much that i couldnt sit on the toilet this morning it was SO hot. But my poor spider plant got the short end of the stick. My mom suggested not cutting it yet because its already so traumatized. Is there anything I can do for it? I feel so bad 😭 I've just started, after 25 years, keeping plants alive!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Alyssa! So sorry to hear that your Spider plant got a little too hot. Best thing to do moving forward is to remove any dead plant material, and prune any damaged leaf tips back to shape so you can monitor the plants health in the road ahead. Give it plenty of light, water accordingly, and keep it in a more temperature controlled environment so it's not exposed to hot/cold drafts. From the looks of the plant it should be able to bounce back!