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  • Plant 911! (And what’s this plant called?)
    Hello - I have an unwieldy but beloved houseplant that I would love some advice about. It’s stem has grown about four feet tall and it cannot support itself without leaning against a wall (and it has a wicked crook in its stem), and it’s leaves aren’t in good shape and it’s not very attractive anymore. I am moving across country in February and don’t think it will survive the move like this. I think my best bet would be to try to propagate it, but I am afraid of completely killing it. Can anyone recommend the best approach here?
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Nathaniel! It looks like the plant (Dracaena) might be declining either due to being exposed to too much direct sunlight, or being watered too frequently. Dracaena prefers bright indirect light and can tolerate a couple hours of direct sun (morning since it's not as intense) , and prefers to dry out between waterings to the bottom of the planter. I would recommend removing any dead/yellow plant material to enhance the appearance so you can further monitor its health. I'd either pull it back from the window or watering less frequently - whatever you believe to be the case!