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  • Rattlesnake Calathea Help!!
    I got my rattlesnake calathea a little over a year ago, and she has been smooth sailing and fully thriving since the day I brought her home :') Until about a week ago, I woke up one day to 5 leaves completely yellow, and basically fully dried up. I thought it was the change in weather, so I have spent the past several days trying different places in the house with different temperatures (all in moderate to direct light) but nothing seems to be helping. I've had her in the bathroom for the past few days thinking the humidity would help, but there are more leaves to prune every day. She used to be extremely full and grew rapidly (during spring and summer, of course), and now she looks so bare from all the pruning of dead leaves. My care sheet (and several plant forums i've read) say that wilting leaves are a sign of being underwatered, while yellow leaves are a sign of being overwatered. My calathea has both of those symptoms right now. Not sure how to help it at this point, but I desperately want to save her... any advice is greatly appreciated!!! PS- I am going to try to attach more photos to this thread.
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      Marisa Last photo showing how healthy some leaves are, while others are completely dying within hours. SOS!
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      Marisa Here's another photo. One more to follow...