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  • Yellowing edges on Calathea
    Hi! Got this Calathea Freddie from the Sill two weeks ago, and so far have watered it twice (once a week). It’s current home is on the ground in a low light place, indirect light only. Not sure why all the edges are turning yellow and brown, any idea? Am I over watering? The soul was dry when I watered it for the second time! Thanks in advance!
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      Sarah My Calathea Rattlesnake looks like this too! I am hoping watering less brings him back to life.
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Santana! Yellowing is usually an indication of overwatering. Considering the plant is in a low light area and we are now in the Winter it'll be best to allow the soil to dry out more between waterings, and possible water close to a bi-weekly basis. The yellowing leaves can be removed or pruned back to shape to enhance the appearance. Once you adjust your watering the plant should bounce back and develop new growth!