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  • White dots on Maranta leaves
    What are these white dots on my maranta’s leaves?
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      Paris Lalicata I agree with Pei! It looks like the same mineral buildup on the leaves and you can use the same white vinegar/water dilution to clean these as well - just be sure to to incorporate too much vinegar as this can scorch the foliage
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      Pei Do you see any cotton like powder or fine webbing? If not, it could just be water residues that you can easily wipe it off with a damped paper towel. [313931,Anitha]
  • Maranta pot discoloring
    Hi, why does the pot that my Maranta is in look like this? This started happening a week or two after I potted the plant. Is this harmful to the plant at all?
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      Pei Hey [313931,Anitha] , is this a new planter? That's quite normal if it's an old/aging terracotta - Calcium and nutrition build out from watering.

      However, it might be mositure buildup if it's new terracotta that means either your plant has been sitting too wet = you water too much OR the environment's humididty is too high. Either way it can cause root rot easily!