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  • Money (tree) troubles

    I repotted my money tree a few months ago and it has been doing quite well with 2 new branches sprouting since the repot. I noticed yesterday that the leaves on the lowest branch are turning yellow in a weird pattern, and a leaf on the next branch up is starting to turn yellow-brown on the tip of the leaf. These two issues are pretty recent. The newer/higher branches appear to be healthy still. I water the plant every 2-3 weeks when the soil has dried out, and I leave the plant on my kitchen counter where it gets plenty of non-direct light and some direct light. Any ideas what might be going on?

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      Paris Lalicata Hey Ryan! There's a chance the plant could've endured some slight transit shock when being repotted. Or it could be moisture stress related if the soil remained moist for too long, either due to watering it before it was ready or if the plant isn't receiving enough light to take up the water. I'd remove the yellowed leaves since these won't be able to bounce back. I'd try moving the plant closer to the light source to receive more bright indirect light, and ensure you only water once the soil has dried out! The plant still looks happy and healthy and should make a comeback
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      Melissa I must came here to post the exact same problem. Curious to see what the answers will be!
  • Repotting a money tree
    Hi all,
    I have recently reported a small money tree that I have had for 6 months. I took it from the small store-sold porcelain pot to an old cactus garden porcelain planter I have. There are 2 nearly dime sized drainage holes at the bottom of the new planter that I covered with a coffee filter. I recently have noticed some mold growing on the coffee filter when I look under the planter as well as some white dust-like mold growing on top of the soil. I’m pretty sure I have done something wrong and will need to replant this again. Any tips on how to provide proper drainage for the planter and how to take care of the mold issue would be greatly appreciated. This is all very new to me. Thanks! Ryan
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      Pei Do you have a photo? [314044,Ryan]