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  • Root is brown, stems falling. Monstera plant
    I’ve had this for about 2 weeks now, multiple stems seemed to have died and these look like they’re on their way to dying as well. This is my first plant and i don’t know if i should clip these that have turned brown and soft at the root or if there is a way to revive them?? I would like to keep them if i could because I’ve already lost about 3 other stems :/ I watered this once when it first arrived. This was sitting on a bench in my room which received mid-minimal light and i just moved it to my desk table which has a window right in front of it so hopefully that helps me. Any tips to keep this thing live would be much appreciated!<br>
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      Nate Hi Franchesca, I had the same thing happen to mine. I think I finally saved it and what I did was pulled it out of the pot..knocked all the dirt rid of all the soft/browning foliage and repotted in a smaller pot with dry dirt. I think what is going on here is root rot. I didn't feel like I was watering mine all that often, but nevertheless, it apparently had too much water. I'd repot and let it sit for awhile without watering it. Mine started drooping a bit after a week and that's when I knew it was safe to give it a little water. Hope this helps!