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  • Calathea Pinstripe with Crispy/Dry Tips! Eek!
    Ah! New Plant Mom here. My Calathea Pinstripe came with dry/crispy tips (more than just the one pictured), and I'm not sure how to help the little guy. Does anyone have any tips/tricks? Thanks in advance! 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Alison! The symptoms appear to be moisture related, either if the soil is staying moist for too long or too dry. I'd ensure the plant is receiving plenty of bright indirect light and you allow the soil to almost dry out between waterings. If the plant is in a lower light setting then it'll be best to allow it to dry out completely, and ensure it has localized humidity. You can prune the damaged leaf edges back to shape to enhance the appearance. Once the right care is balanced the plant should continue to thrive!