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  • ZZ Plant Also Sad :(
    This ZZ plant has been doing really well! But I just noticed this stem flopped over this morning. What could be causing this?
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      Paris Lalicata Drooping could be an indication that the plant is ready for more water if the soil has dried out completely! Or if the plant is only receiving light from that one side the plant is responding and stretching towards it to receive more!
  • African Mask Plant sad :(
    I received this plant as a gift 3 months ago. Unfortunately, I feel like it's been slowly dying ever since. I know these plants can be hard to take care of. I've already cut off 2 smaller leaves that turned completely yellow/orange/brown. Now, the tips of all of the big leaves are turning yellow with some crispy edges. <div><br></div><div>Pot: no drainage (fixing this)<br>Light: next to a west facing window<br>Water: instructions were to water it 1/2 c. weekly<br>Humidity: I just moved it into the bathroom with hopes that will help. I plan on getting a pebble tray with water for it to sit on</div>
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      Chelsea Hi Carly,

      This plant likes A LOT of light!! And because the browning is starting from the tip, it looks like it’s less about overwatering, and more about being in too dry an environment. Consider upping its humidity levels. Also, before watering always stick your finger into the soil and ensure that it’s dry up to you knuckle before watering again! This is an easy way to ensure you’re not overwatering ... weekly is typically just a general guide, but a tried and true test is to feel the soil first :)
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Carly! It seems like the Alocasia is declining due to being over watered, or not receiving enough light. I would recommend ensuring the plant is exposed to plenty of bright indirect light in a window, and you allow the soil to dry out between waterings!