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  • Christmas Cactus is dropping her leaves— please help!
    This sweet Christmas cactus (Jackie) has been going strong since early 2016. However, I took her out this afternoon to water her and noticed that she had dropped a ton of leaves! I have no idea what happened. She is on a shelf that receives medium light which has been working for the past 1.5 years. I am terribly distraught (this was my very first plant, ever, that kick-started my collection). Any advice is appreciated!! <br>
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Maggie! It looks like the plant could've dropped leaves due to moisture stress related issues. Either over watering, or allowing it to remain dry for too long. Especially if the plant has always been in sufficient lighting. The leaves/stalks that fell off the plant still look healthy however, and should be able to re-root if you let the ends callous over and stick them back into the soil!
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      maggie These are all the pieces that have fallen off :(

      And as far as the pieces that have fallen off— are they compost? Or can I propagate with them? Thank you in advance, plant people!
  • Cactus SOS!
    Hi— I have had this cactus (though careful online searching, I believe it is a "<i>Echinopsis pachanoi f. cristata" </i>or a "<i>Crested San Pedro Cactus</i>" for nearly 2 years. About 4 months ago, he (Apollo) began to develop this crusty white material on his side? It has now spread. He is also leaning quite a bit. I have no idea what is going on— have been caring for a and watering as normal— and I have not changed sunlight. Any help appreciated! If I lose this guy I will be heartbroken! <br><br>As I write this, I realize that I repotted him in July, which was shortly before this appeared. Could this have had anything to do with it? Is there anything I can do now? 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Maggie! To me this looks like the natural aging process of some cacti called "corking"!