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  • Sad maranta
    Hi! I just got my maranta a week ago and in that time, the leaves have started turning yellow and some leaves are brown and curled up. How do I help her?? Thanks so much!
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      Chelsea Hey Shannon,

      As for the brown curling leaves, when this happens from the outside it’s a sign of not enough moisture! So pairing this with the previous comment, I’d water overall less frequently, however I’d mist this more, and maybe create a pebble tray to increase the humidity around it. I’d do a bit of research, but it’s probable this plant likes a humid environment, and without that the leaves will start to curl in. But note, humid environment is different than watering a lot!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Shannon! The leaves turn yellow as a sign of over watering- either not enough light, or watering the plant before its ready. I'd recommend either increasing its exposure to light or watering less frequently! I'd also remove the yellowed leaves to enhance the appearance since these won't be able to bounce back