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  • Fiddle leaf trouble
    Here is a picture of my fiddle leaf. Does anyone know what is causing this ? 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Katrina! I agree with Nate - those spots are known as Edema known from moisture stress (irregular waterings). These will remain as scars now but shouldn't cause the leaves to decline as long as the proper care is followed up. Ensure the plant is receiving plenty of light, and you water as soon as the soil has dried out!
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      Nate I'm still new to FLFs, but my understanding is that this is a watering issue. Possibly when it is dry for awhile and then receives a good dose of water, it absorbs the water quickly and causes edema in the plant cells (the cells burst). Its possible that as the leaf grows, it will go away. I would just make sure you're watering it consistently - and by that I mean check it after so many days and if it needs watering, give it a medium dose of water and continue with the routine.