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  • Corn Plant Brown Tips
    This guy has been so healthy for months and lately multiple tips are yellowing, then drying to brittle brown.

    What does it need?
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Alisa! Could be a sign of over watering- I'd ensure the plant is receiving plenty of light, and you only water once the soil has dried out completely. If the plant is in a low light setting then keep the waterings infrequent. The damaged tips can't bounce back so they can be pruned back to shape to enhance the appearance!
  • Sad Snake Plant, help!
    Am I over- or under-watering my snake plant? The outer 4 leaves have browning and one is wrinkled. Inner 4 are strong and healthy.

    Should I remove the sad leaves? If so, what's the best method?
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Alisa! Yellowing is usually a sign of over watering - if the plant is in a low light setting you'll want to keep the waterings pretty in frequent. Be sure to only water once the soil has dried out completely!
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      Nate Hey Alisa, how often do you water and how much direct sun does it receive? I would guess its water related - maybe too much?
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