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  • Bird’s Nest advice!
    I’ve had this plant for years now and only recently learned that it’s a Bird’s Nest. I’m admittedly a plant novice so my care has consisted of basically just watering it every two weeks or so with misting in between. I recently repotted it and noticed that the leaves felt like they were curling in quite a bit - does anyone know if that’s natural or what might be causing it? Is it too crowded? Any advice would be much appreciated! 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Andrew! While the variety of this plant is called "Birds Nest" it's still a Snake plant (Sansevieria hahnii) . Therefor it'll tolerate low light, but will thrive in bright indirect light conditions (not suited for direct sun) and should be allowed to dry out between waterings. There's a chance the leaves are curling inwards either due to the plant being ready for more water, or if it's become pot bound in the container!