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  • My Ficus - at least I think it's a ficus
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      Paris Lalicata Hi John! It actually appears you have a large beautiful umbrella tree (Schefflera actinophylla) rather than a Ficus. The plant could be leaning considering it's top heavy which is natural for plants to drop lower older leaves overtime! If you wish to keep the height of the plant then providing plenty of light for the plant should help encourage it to grow towards the light source and stand more upright. However, if you're looking to downsize the plant then I'd recommend propagating the plant by air layering to facilitate root development at a point on the main stems a few inches below the nearest healthy leaf! This way once roots develop you can cut the stalks a few inches below the new roots and repot so the plant is smaller in height and bushier in appearance. The remaining stalks left behind in the planter may also generate new growth down the line as well!
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      John Any guesses as to whether I can prune this plant, leaving no leaves, and whether it will sprout new ones? Or perhaps that will just end it. Thanks!
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