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  • You Grow Girl Needs a little help!
    We got this Swiss Cheese Monstera as an awkward little sideways cutting.<br>It is growing okay but the stem is a little leggy.<br>Do you think we could repot this a little deeper in the soil to cover the original stem and center the plant for more stability and a better appearance now?<br>Any advice appreciated.<br>Thanks!!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Anne! I would say your best bet for this plant is to train the stem to climb vertically instead like they do in the wild. You can create your own moss pole, or find already made ones online ready to use. When incorporating it into the soil you'll want to use either fishing line, or some kind of fastener to train the stem up the pole! The plant will certainly thrive better growing this way, grow bigger leaves, and develop new fenestrated growth as long as the right care is maintained as well!