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  • Angie isn't thriving :/
    <i>Hi!</i><br><br><i>I bought my medium Calathea Medallion about a month or so ago, and I've been watering it every 1-2 weeks until the top soil feels wet, but it doesn't seem to be doing well. I have it in medium sunlight. I have a cat who kind of nips at it once a week or so, but nothing too bad. I attached photos of it here. Does anyone know what's going wrong? I'm worried I'm still not watering it enough. Thank you! </i>
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      Erin I agree with Hunter's tips below. I'd also prune off the foliage that curled up and dried out - unfortunately it won't bounce back, but removing it will make room for new healthy growth!
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      Hunter Hi Claire! I'm so sorry about your plant, she looks like she was once beautiful in her prime!

      The soil on the top looks very rough. Is there lava rock on the top? Reporting with the lava rock covering the bottom first inch should be enough drainage to support Angie, especially if your soil is also mixed with perlite and/or orchid bark, and especially if your pot has a drainage hole.

      If your Angie's pot does have a drainage hole (excellent drainage and high humidity is of the utmost importance with Calatheas), I would water her until water runs through the hole, then immediately soak up any excess water. Calathea's HATE sitting in water and will not be nice to you if you don't keep their feet dry. That being said, nice job watering 1-2 weeks! Root Rots an awful thing to go through with these guys, so if you can side-step it then kudos!

      Another big thing for Calatheas are sunlight! True me when I say that if it's bright light, your Calathea will not want it. I like to keep mine around 6-12 feet away from any windows and always try to keep the lightbulbs around at a warm glow instead of a bright white.

      Good luck! Post pics when Angie's back to perfect health!
  • Help Pls :)
    Hi! I've seen this plant (in the back lefthand corner) in a few different instagram posts, and I'm trying to find out what it is called and to purchase one (or a fake one if not cat safe) online. Can anyone help? Thank you! (credit @jenatikinhair on instagram)<br>
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      Paris Lalicata Hey Claire! Looks like the plant in the photo is a Dracaena marginata, also known as "dragon tree". Unfortunately this plant isn't pet friendly, but it's only toxic if ingested. Therefore, if you wish to have this plant then keeping it out of reach from your furry friends will be best :)