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  • Succulent Blister?
    <img src="https://imgur.com/euoycbg"><img src="https://imgur.com/NK0ADiI">Hi! Something weird is happening to one of my succulents and I’m wondering if some of you may know what it is/to do. It’s developed a kind of blister looking thing, seems just full of air but there is also moisture in there. It wasn’t doing great in my room at home since the sun is blocked by a house 2ft away but seemed to be improving a lot when I moved it to my office that has a huge south facing window with nothing to block the sun. Just recently I noticed this weird thing on one of the leaves. <div><img alt=""><br></div>
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Katie! Is there a chance this succulent is a Echeveria raindrop? If so, then noticing those protrusions on the leaves is normal. However, if it's not then it was most likely caused by moisture stress, either over or under watering. Despite the one leaf the rest of the plant still looks healthy and will make a full recovery as long as you balance the proper care!
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      Katie Sorry the image links didn’t work.