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  • Help pls! Dragon plant droop :(
    Hi! I own a boutique fitness studio in Sri Lanka (where it’s ridiculously hot at the moment) and like to keep plants in the workout space to make it more cozy. Purchased this dragon tree plant just last week and it looked beautiful. We kept it indoors - there’s AC and some indirect sunlight and watered it as the top soil got dry. But now over the course of two days, it’s wilted really badly :( the soil is wet so we’ve kept it outside overnight to dry after poking some holes in the soil. Any advice would be so appreciated!!! Thank you! 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Nare! It appears the plant could've wilted due to over watering since this plant likes to dry out between. Especially if it's not exposed to bright light and you noticed some yellowing. I'd try to move the plant where it can get as much bright indirect light as possible, and allow the soil to dry out before watering again. After watering the plant should be able to perk back up after a few days and you can remove any plant material that didn't make it!