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  • Dying Purple Passion Leaves
    These are the two leaves that are completely dead or close to it (I assume). <br><br>POST: <br>I have two leaves that are dying at the very base of the plant. Do I just cut them off at the stalk? I am afraid to take them off incorrectly because I do not want to harm my overall plant (it is my favorite after all). <br><br>Also is it normal for plants to lose leaves at their base as they grow? Or am I doing something wrong? <br><br>Thank you for the help I am brand new to plants and have quickly grown a passion for them. <br><br>I attached a picture of the two leaves that are dying. The rest of the plant looks super healthy. <br><br>For reference this plant is grown strictly indoors under a grow light. <br><br>Thank you again!<br>
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      Mary Here is a picture of the Purple Passion plant as a whole. It seems very healthy to me.