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  • Plant Help!
    My monstera deliciousa has started to brown on the one leaf. Is this from too much sunlight? Too much water?
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      Paris Lalicata It could be from too much sunlight if the plant is exposed to direct sun. Otherwise, it could be due to moisture related stress most likely over watering. I'd ensure the plant is only exposure to bright indirect light, and you water when the soil has dried out completely! Any necrotic leaves unfortunately won't be able to bounce back so these can be removed to enhance the appearance
  • Plant Identification
    Can anyone help me identify this type of <b>succulent</b>?! <i>Please and thank you! </i>
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Sam! It looks like you have a species of Echeveria that's etiolated a bit which is why it doesn't have that tight, rosette pattern. This is usually caused by the plant no receiving enough light so I'd try to boost this to ensure it has more compact growth in the future :)