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  • Banana peels as fertilizer?
    Hi! Curious about using banana peels as fertilizer for plants that seem to be lacking in some nutrients, notably phosphorous and potassium. When I was looking up fertilizer options I saw that bananas could be used and since I have a couple on hand, I was going to reserve the peels to try this. I'm curious though if this actually works and if so, what's the best medium to go about it - fermenting them in water and then spraying that on the plants (a peace lily specifically but potentially others if it's not harmful to them), dehydrating the peels and adding that to the soil before watering, or just burying the peels directly after chopping them up. <br><br>Thoughts?
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      Paris Lalicata Hi! The banana peels will act as a slow release fertilizer but it isn't all balanced so it doesn't provide all micro/macro nutrients essential for plants. Therefore, it'll be best to incorporate this along with another fertilizer unless your soil is nutrient rich already. Important thing to keep in mind however is that using organic materials like this in the soil can attract pests. Not always the ones that will eat our plants, but ones that are a nuisance to us. (gnats, ants) I'd say the easiest way to use this is to chop it up and incorporate it into the soil!