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    Any recommendations on why this plant is looking soo sad? What type of plant this is and best ways to care for this plant? Newbie to indoor plants:)
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Melissa! This is a Calathea, and usually, when the leaves curl inwards this is a sign that it needs more water. Especially if it's accompanied by wet soil.  If the soil has mostly dried out then the plant is drooping due to needing more water. If so, aerate the soil with a pencil chopstick in case it got compacted and water the plant. Allow a few days to go by to give the plant some time to perk back up. If the soil is still moist then I would increase the light and allow it to dry out before watering. The plant should be able to bounce back!
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      Neal F Harris It looks like a Prayer Plant and I think it is REALLY THIRSTY! ;)
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      *belia* I bought the same one and mine looks the same. Have you figured it out yet?