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  • Sad plant 😢 HELP!
    Hello Plant People!<br><br>I bought my sill plant in June and my plant is beginning to turn on me :( I water it every 1-2 weeks, put it in medium indirect sunlight, and I’m still worried. When I water it now it won’t even absorb the water. What do I do? Please help.<br><br>kindly,<br>a confused plant owner 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Juliana! It sounds like the plant may need to be repotted if it has been a year. I'd discard of all the old soil, and give the plant fresh soil which will have the nutrients it needs. If the plant has outgrown the container then upgrade in container size 1-2 inches. Also, the soil won't absorb water if it's already moist so ensure you're allowing the soil to almost dry out between waterings! Otherwise the soil could be compact where you would then want to aerate the soil before watering, however, if you're changing the soil you shouldn't have to worry about that