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  • Wilting Peperomia Obtusfolia
    Hello! I have had my Peperomia Obtusfolia (aka Rubber Plant) for a couple of months and have noticed one side of the plant is wilting significantly. This is a bit confusing since the other parts of the plant seem to be okay. I believe it’s getting the proper amount of sunlight (medium, indirect light). I have watered it every 15th day and I am worried I’ve under watered it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help!
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      Pei Every 15th days since a bit too long in my opinion. I suspect it's been underwater. How much water do you give the plant each time though?
  • Sad Fernie, please help!
    Hello! I purchased this bird’s nest fern in early March and it has been on a steady decline since. It’s on a shelf that receives indirect light. In fears of over watering, I have watered it once every other week. This week I noticed that the soil was bone dry, so I watered it, only to see that it’s wilted even more! I’m considering moving the plant to my bathroom to give it some humidity. Can I save this plant? Any tips would be appreciated! Please help!
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      Pei oh no!! my guess is you have been underwatered it. And from my experience, it's really hard to save a birds nest fern when the soil is bone dry :(

      In general, you want to feel the soil before you water a plant. For BNF, they like the soil to stay consistently moist (not wet!) so you want to make sure the soil is at least 1 inch dry before you water again. And depending on where you put the plant, once every 7-10 days watering is the best.
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      Erin Are you able to stick your finger or an old chopstick deep into the soil to see how far down it's dry? Unfortunately Bird's Nest Ferns can droop when overwatered *and* when underwatered so it's hard to tell which could be the culprit here!
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