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  • Haworthia Zebra: brown spots & dry tips- help!
    <div>Hi plant parents!</div><div><br></div><div>I recently noticed that my Haworthia started to turn brown on the tips, so I thought it might be getting too much sun and moved it from its original spot under  a bright window to a spot a couple feet away. Now it's developing brown spots on other parts, so maybe now it's not getting enough sun???</div><div><br></div><div>Or maybe it's a totally different issue altogether, so I'd love to hear your ideas/suggestions! Thanks!</div>
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      Jamie Just to show what it looks like--maybe it was in too direct sun for too long a period? But mine gets indirect for sure. I'm actually nervous because the new one I put in a large pot with other succulents and it will be getting full sun so who knows how that will go.
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      Jamie Hi there! It's got some tiny stems which may mean it's OK.

      Just to give you an idea, although the Haworthia is a succulent, it's one of the few I've grown successfully despite not having bright light at all.

      I live in New Jersey and I keep it in my NE facing window, slight to the left side of the window on a cart. It's def only getting indirect sun but it's done amazing there!! It has a lot of growth since I first got it, even had a pup and I even replanted it in a new pot. I basically would water it when the soil seemed uber dry. I don't personally have any brown spots but this is the only one I've owned until recently (just picked up another the other day).
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      Pei How often and how much water does it get?

      It's actually quite normal for haworthia to do that. but wanted to ask your care info just in case :)
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