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  • My maidenhair isn't happy
    Hi all, My maidenhair used to be lush, full and bright green. Now the leaves are looking dried out and brown areas are appearing. The new shoots/stems don't establish (see photo). These new shoots/stems seem to get to a point and then die off. <br>I repotted this plant a month or two ago. I have heard they don't like that. <br>I keep it well watered and mist roughly twice a week. It also has a good amount of indirect sunlight. <br><br>Your advice would be really appreciated. 
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      Pei I suspect you have been overwatering the plant and might also have root/leaf fungle from the misting . Water + misting twice a week is actually a little much for most plants, unless it's sitting in a bright direct light environment (which Maidenhair hates!).

      JFYI that misting doesn't really help with humidity. I've learned my lesson (lost so many plants) because of it. The best way to increase humidity is to either invest in a humidifier, group plants together, or put the plant on a pebble tray.