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  • Lava rocks in outdoor containers with drainage holes
    Hi all - I've been looking into ways to keep soil moist in a container but also allow drainage. I came across The Sill's lava rocks which mentioned it retained moisture (but specifically for planters that don't have drainage). I plan on planting outdoors in containers that do have drainage. So my question is, has anyone tried to use lava rocks at the bottom of their containers that have drainage holes to absorb and release moisture? or once there is a drainage hole are lava rocks pretty much useless? The plants I'm looking to grow will need to be well drained but with moist soil. At the moment I have time to water every day but when I go back into an office, I'm looking for an option where I can trust my plants will be ok every 3 days or so. <br><br>Any advice is much appreciated. I'm new to this.<br><br><3 Melissa
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      Pei it really depends on the sizes and types of plants you are planning to have outdoor. To encourage drainage, you can mix perlites for the smaller potted plants (4-8") whereas lava rocks or barks are great to mix in the soil for larger potted plants. Lastly, you also want to be mindful of the type of plants you have. for a humidity loving plant v.s, the dry loving plant is completely different. You can definitely add any medium to encourage airflow in the soil, but you might find yourself watering plants a lot frequently too (also depends on where you live and the time of year!). Hope this helps!