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  • Mary the peace lily
    This is my peace lily Mary, I have had her for nearly 2 years. She is sentimental to me because I received her after the passing of my dear grandma who she is named after. For at least the past 2 months she has not been looking good. Black edged, weak leaves and droopy. I thought I may have overwatered so I waited for drooping to water. And even though I have not watered her in a week the soil is still damp. I have fertilized and trimmed off the black edges but they still come back. I find even after watering the stems have a bend in them. I have her near a window with indirect sun. Maybe repotting? What can I do? Please help! 
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      Pei Your plant definitely needs a repot. After a year or so, nutrition in the soil will deplete that you need to either resoil, up-pot, or add fertilizers to help the plant growth.

      About the sad symptoms, it sounds to me you have overwatered Mary, unfortunately. Peace lily likes to be in a bright-lit environment and should only be water once every 10-14 days in my experience. I suggest to always feel the soil, and make sure it's at least 2-3" deep dry to touch before you add more water.

      I think your best bet now is to take the plant out, properly examine the root health. Trim away any dead/sick roots (black and mushy) if there's any. And repot it in a bigger planter.

      Good luck!!