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  • Sad Maranta
    I received this baby about 2 weeks ago and 2 leaves Are losing color are curling up :( according to the insert it could be bc of low humidity. It’s been cold and dry the last 2 weeks , but now starting to warm up where I live. I spritz her with water to try to keep some humidity but it seems like all is failing as the 2nd leaf started to turn . What can I do :( ?? She is also in mes-bright indirect like 
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      Pei [319720,Deanna Cortez] That looks more like stress caused by shipping. Some plants are more sensitive to environmental changes than others. Give it some time to readjust itself to the new environment (your home), and with proper care it will put out new growth very soon :)

      Also, JFYI that this site will no longer be active as we are moving to The Sill Plant Parent Club Facebook Group. It is a dedicated space for you to connect, make friends, ask plant questions, show off your plants, and more. Our plant expert will be monitoring the group too. Hope to see you there!