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  • Split leaf philodendron roots?
    <img alt="" src="http://"><img alt="" src="http://">I have a very, very larger split leaf philodendron that has begun sending out several stick like roots.... or at least I assume they are roots? They are coming from higher up on the leaf stem, and are very rigid and straight. What does my plant need to continue to be happy? Should I cut these and propagate? See pics! Thank you!
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      Pei Hi [320241,Sheilan Mueller], those are aerial roots which are quite common for monsteras. In nature, Monstera will basically send out aerial roots to find a vertical surface to climb or attach itself on. It is not an indication that your plant is happy or not :)

      Also, JFYI that this site will no longer be active as we are moving to The Sill Plant Parent Club Facebook Group. It is a dedicated space for you to connect, make friends, ask plant questions, show off your plants, and more. Our plant expert will be monitoring the group too. Hope to see you there!